I Run Because….

Why do you Run? What drives and motivates you to get out the door? What would you love to accomplish?

I run because it proves to me with hard work and passion I can accomplish anything. It helps make me ME!

Tonight with Lululemon Briar Hill I am hosting an event to kick off our new Run Club –  ‘I Run…’  We want to know why you run and what you would love to accomplish so that we can help motivate and support you in your running! Come join our event:



I Run because


Motivation Monday – Capable of More Than You Thought Possible


The more I run – the more I love my body, not because it’s perfect but because with every mile it is proving to me that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible.

Running has provided me with many things – from new friends and new experiences to seeing my city in a whole new way – but none of them have been as profound as the self confidence it has given me. Running has allowed me to push myself and persevere even when every muscle in my body is begging me to stop. It has shown me that no matter how hard things feel or get that I can tough it out and triumph – I am not a quitter. I can accomplish anything that I want – it just takes hard work, discipline, and an attitude that won’t give up.

The best part of the self confidence that has developed from running – is that it also applies to every other facet of my life!

So for anyone who is looking for reason to start running, or stay running – there is no better feeling than running that extra mile and showing yourself that you are capable of more than you thought possible!

~Lululemon Downtown TO Run Club- Saturday~

Every Saturday morning I run with the Lululemon Downtown Toronto Run Club. There are two groups the Learn to Run and Run to Race, I usually run with the Run to Race group who is training for ScotiaBank Half Marathon.

Since the lovely Run Ambassador’s are all busy this weekend with their own races, I was asked to lead the groups, Learn to Run is doing 8km and the Run to Race is doing 18km.

This is my invitation to all you lovely runners to come out and run with me and the Lululemon crew this weekend. We meet at the North West Corner of Queen and University at 9am Saturday morning.

Would love to see all your smiling faces Saturday morning no matter what distance you want to run!!

Are you looking for a running group? or a new running experience??

Come Join!!!

~Morning Runs- the Love Affair Renewed~

As my blog can attest, I have been extremely busy, hence a lack of posts. Since life and especially work have become increasingly busy, it has been getting tougher and tougher to get all my runs and hot yoga in after work. I have just managed to squeak in all my runs in but hot yoga has definitely suffered.

Therefore last night I made myself promise that I would get my run in before I go to work, that way I have time for hot yoga and other fun things. There have been a couple times, clearly a lie..there have been numerous times this summer that I have made myself  promise to run in the morning only to negotiate with myself in the morning that I can do it after work. Somehow I found the will to suck it up and wake up early to run.

I devised a plan to try and ensure that I would run in the morning. I gathered all my gear and laid it out beside my bed so that I would see it when I woke up. I set my alarm to not include any snoozing (as this is when I begin to negotiate with myself) and I instantly got out of bed and started to get dressed so that there would be no excuses.

It was one of those mornings where you can decide whether you need long sleeves or short sleeves, so I wore long sleeves. I didn’t want to get my hydration belt ready so decided I would run without it. Through on my compression shorts, decided I didn’t need bodyglide or any fuel. Well about 500 meters in I realized I have never worn these compression shorts without applying BodyGlide, and as it turns out since they are slightly too big on me they kept riding up. It looked like I had the hungriest bum (biggest wedgie ever) and the shortest shorts. Since I wasn’t wearing my belt my shirt wouldn’t stay down and then part way through the run I was way too hot in my long sleeves. After some major adjusting while running, including tucking shirts into shorts, using deodorant I was wearing to help stick my shorts to my legs and bearing the too hot long sleeves, I hit my rhythm and just began to feel free and happy. Once I got home, got showered and got to work. I felt on top of the world, oh sweet sweet runner’s high, you make me such a happy and productive person.

Needles to say this morning is when morning runs and I reignited our love affair, it wasn’t pretty and was actually kind of an awkward start, an ungraceful mid, but in the end it was beautiful. And our love was reclaimed.

Here is to making this a long-term commitment and not a frosh week like fling…

Do you run in the morning? How do you get yourself out of bed??

Back Running

I have been very quiet these last couple weeks, and its partly due to being too sad about not being able to run that I couldnt write about and partly, that when I started running again I was too scared to jinx it by talking about it.

But since I have now been back running close to my typical mileage this last week, I figured it was time to break my silence. I’MMMMM BACK!!

I am not only back running, but back on track with my marathon training. It has been an interesting last couple weeks learning when to push it and when to pull back and rest. The resting part was tough, real tough!! There was too many times to count, that I wanted to go run out my stress, join my friends on their long runs and run with my lovely clinic peeps, but the end goal of healing was much more important. And it has been worth it all!

This is not to say my injury journey is over because its not. After a week or so of thinking thinking that I had strained my calf, My sports doctor got my ultrasounds back and realized that it was actually a strained peroneal tendon.

Apparently my double jointed ankles are good and a bad thing, good thing is its hard to sprain my ankle and bad thing is I have loose tendons….and yes my Doctor told me I am loose. Since my tendons are already loose it is much easier to strain then from repetitive use or overuse. So I’ll will be at physio for the next while trying to strengthen my tendons to prevent any further injuries. The good thing is my Doctor does not want me to stop running as the tendons will just get weak and lazy. I just have to be cognizant of overusing it again and straining it.

Loose tendons cannot hold me down!! Physio and running here I come!! and I am Back with Avengance B@#!!%s…

How have you come back from injury?? How did you feel??





What lies behind us and what lies before us are small compared to what lies within us ~ Raplh Waldo Emerson


I received this poster from my Mom in the mail yesterday. I dont know how Mom’s do it but they always know what you need and when you need it. It is exactly what I needed, Thanks Mom!! xoxoxo