Motivation Monday – Capable of More Than You Thought Possible


The more I run – the more I love my body, not because it’s perfect but because with every mile it is proving to me that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible.

Running has provided me with many things – from new friends and new experiences to seeing my city in a whole new way – but none of them have been as profound as the self confidence it has given me. Running has allowed me to push myself and persevere even when every muscle in my body is begging me to stop. It has shown me that no matter how hard things feel or get that I can tough it out and triumph – I am not a quitter. I can accomplish anything that I want – it just takes hard work, discipline, and an attitude that won’t give up.

The best part of the self confidence that has developed from running – is that it also applies to every other facet of my life!

So for anyone who is looking for reason to start running, or stay running – there is no better feeling than running that extra mile and showing yourself that you are capable of more than you thought possible!


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